Articles (physics)

My published work, from many years ago and mostly in computational physics, posted here for archival purposes:

D. Serero, S.H. Noskowicz, M-L. Tan, and I. Goldhirsch. Binary granular gas mixtures: Theory, layering effects and some open questions, Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics 179, 221-247 (2009)

D. Serero, I. Goldhirsch, S.H. Noskowicz and M-L. Tan, Hydrodynamics of granular gases and granular gas mixtures, J. Fluid Mech. 554, 237-258 (2006)

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M-L. Tan and I. Goldhirsch, Rapid Granular Flows as Mesoscopic Systems, Phys. Rev. Lett. 81 (14), 3022-3025 (1998)

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I. Goldhirsch and M-L. Tan, The Single Particle Distribution Function for Rapid Granular Shear Flows of Smooth Inelastic Disks, Phys. Fluids 8 (7), 1752-1763 (1996)

M-L. Tan, Microstructures and Macrostructures in Rapid Granular Flows, Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton University (1995)

M-L. Tan, Y. H. Qian, I. Goldhirsch and S.A. Orszag, Lattice-BGK approach to simulating granular flows, J. Stat. Phys. 81 (1/2), 87-103 (1995)

M-L. Tan, I. Goldhirsch and S. A. Orszag, Instability and multistability in rapid granular shear flows, First Asian Computational Fluid Dynamics Conf., Hong Kong, January 1995

Y.H. Qian, M-L. Tan and S.A. Orszag, A Lattice-BGK Model for Miscible Fluids, Proc. of the 5th Int. Symp. on Computational Fluid Dynamics – Sendai, Vo. III, 1993, JSCFD

I. Goldhirsch, M-L. Tan and G. Zanetti, A molecular dynamical study of granular fluids: the unforced granular gas, J. Sci. Comp. 8 (1), 1-40 (1993)

M-L. Tan, Neutrino Oscillations, Senior Honors Thesis, Amherst College (1990)

J. E. Gordon, M. L. Tan, R. A. Fisher and N. E. Phillips, Specific heat data of high-Tc superconductors: lattice and electronic contributions, Solid State Communications 69 (6), 625-629 (1989)

N. E. Phillips, R. A. Fisher, S. E. Lacy, C. Marcenat, J. A. Olsen, W. K. Ham, A. M. Stacy, J. E. Gordon and M. L. Tan, Specific heat of the high-Tc superconductors (La, M)2 Cu04 and YBa2Cu3O7 in magnetic fields, Physica 148B, 360-362 (1987)

Articles (finance)

My work, of a practical nature, unpublished and from many years ago, posted here for archival purposes:

Earnings Momentum Strategies (2002)
Technical Strategies (2002)
Technical Strategies, Part 2 (2002)
Interest Rate Arbitrages (2003)
Interest Rate Arbitrages, Part 2 (2003)
Merger Arbitrage (2003)
Short Premium Option Strategies (2003)
Earnings Revisions Strategies (2004)
Return Dispersion and Statistical Arbitrage (2004)
Accrual Strategy (2005)
Cluster Analysis of Market States (2008)